Mini-conference digital techniques in art education. On Thursday 28 November 2013

In light of the publication of the fourth edition of AR[t] magazine, the launch of the Royal Academy of Art’s workshops website and the Research Department IVT’s acknowledgement as a so-called centre point digital visualisation and production techniques in art education, a mini-conference will be hosted on Thursday 28 November 2013.The festivities will kick off at 16.00 hrs at the Academy’s Auditorium (Bleijenburg hall, ground level). Guests are taken on a short tour around a couple of workshops to learn more about the various digital and production techniques students could make use of.Four lectures (in Dutch) are held from 17.00 hrs at the Auditorium; speakers include Yolande Kolstee, Edwin van der Heide, Pieter Jonker and Cornel Bierens who will talk about, amongst other things, 3D printing artworks. From 18.00 hrs drinks and appetisers will be served and guests are invited to voice their opinions on several topics.