NIOC 2013 ICT and Education Conference. On 5 April 2013

On Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April 2013, NIOC will take place in Arnhem. Reba Wesdorp, research assistant at both the AR Lab and the Research Department IVT, has been selected to give a presentation about the Research Department's work. An additional study into the use of innovative visualisation techniques at universities of applied sciences (hbo) will be done and a presentation of a previous study into the implementation of new visualisation techniques at art academies will kick-off this new research project. The Dutch Creative Council and the Platform HBO Creatieve Industrie have voiced their support for this research.The National ICT Education Conference (Nationaal Informatica Onderwijs Congres)  is organised every two years and this year the organisational duties reside with Hogeschool Arnhem and the Radboud University. ICT not only plays a vital role in business, but it is also an important part of education. This is something which will be extensively discussed in keynote speeches, presentations and poster sessions. Universities, universities of applied sciences (hbo) and vocational education (mbo) are all represented. Read more about the programme and the participants on the NIOC's website.